Monday, August 24, 2009

To Aankhain band kare to Aaun main hi nazar

Tere hath ki kash main wo Lakeer ban jaoun.

Kash main tera muqadar teri taqdeer ban jaoun.

Main tujhe itna chahon ky tu bhool jaye har rishta.

Sirf main hi tery har rishtay ki tasweer ban jaoun.

Tu Aankhain band kary to Aaoun main hi nazar.

Is tarah main tery har khuwab ki taabeer ban jaoun...!!


  1. What a interesting poem and i really like. Thanks for sharing and now i am going to copy this poem,.

  2. Really beautiful poem and i love this. Thanks for sharing,.

  3. Really great poem. I think that, you are a poet. I may correct...


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